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Cindy Billingsley Wildlife Sculptor and Painter
 Call us at: 615-423-4532
 The secret to Cindy's success as a Wildlife artist is her fondness for all my animal subjects.  The beauty of their fur, the eyes, the colors and structure of all the different types of animals, are a fun challenge to try and capture in paint and also in clay.  Clay gives you something to touch like the animal itself, where paint gives you that beauty of color and depth.  It is like speaking in two languages which is why she likes to do both.  Not many artists can do both a sculpture and a painting of an animal.  She is drawn to unusual animals the most like Okapis, Fruit Bats, Tapir and Octopus etc....  She enjoys when a client gives her a challenge to sculpt or paint their favorite animal.  She does both ceramic and bronze sculptures and all mediums of painting.
Cindy's art is "one of a kind" originals.  
She does commission work for residential and also  commercial public art projects.  Priced lower then most competitors because she believe everyone should be able to own a piece of original art in their home. Come take a look at examples of both her sculptures and wildlife paintings
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